Udaipur Tour - Activities

Cycling Tour in Udaipur

We do provide cycling tour for our coming guest for half day and full day where guest can have totally different experience to explore the city of lakes and also known Venice of East in Rajasthan.

  • 1. We have 2 plans for our cycling tours
  • 2. One is long out skirt (25-30 Km)
  • 3. Second is short outskirt (15-20 Km)* We also offers City tour
  • 4. We start cycling tour from the hotel in the morning after breakfast.
  • 5. We pass through the hustle and bustle of city life
  • 6. Then we ride around the famous Fateh Sagar Lake.
  • 7. Crossing the lake, we enter the rural area where we can observe the village life & farmers. There we will meet farmer & villagers. There we can have Indian tea.
  • 8. After that we will start tour again through village we can see on the route flora and fauna also.
  • 9. We then will reach at the Badi Lake which is also known as the Tiger Lake. We rest there for some time.
  • 10. Now after the Tiger lake, we will pass through The Gorilla Village.
  • 11. Finally, we are beck in the city.


Trekking in udaipur can be a adventures tour for coming guest as Udaipur is surrounded by aravali hills and lots off interesting tracks and we offer Trekking tours as per the given itinerary.


Dhar and Ubeshwarji (Kundal Ubeshwarji) are villages in Udaipur District, Rajasthan, India. Due to their geographical location and localities, they provide awesome trekking location.

The tour itineraries are as follows:
  • • On our arrival at Dhar village we will visit the local Market & tradition. We will also engage in interactive session with few villagers and also visit their homes to see the rural lifestyle and routine. We will see the villager’s cattle grazing and performing their daily chores around the village.
  • • After that we start the trekking with our guide…
  • • We shall now continue our trek towards Ubeshwarji. The Trek will be a mix of small hilly terrain & uphill climbs.
  • • On these treks, we will pass through a local river and agricultural fields owned by The Bhil Tribe (one of the oldest indigenous tribes) and a few other natives such as the old warrior clan of The Rajputs who are mostly farmers now.
  • • We will proceed to Maharna Pratap's destroyed palace where he spend the last few days of his life with Bhil Tribe people & made plan for war with Akbar. We can find clues of war and ruins at the Shiva temple at Ubeshwarji.
  • • After that we reach mother of Godess were we see the temple & how to do worship in the Hindu temple. & also we can see the panoramic view of the countryside
  • • After few minutes we will reach at Ubeshwarji (Shiva temple) which is a cave temple.

Ubeshwar is a Shiva temple. It is located about 15 KM away from Udaipur city and in this area also people from Bhil tribes and Rajputs resides. Keleshwar is yet another Shiva Temple. It is located 30 KM away from Udaipur city. Around temple we can find hills tops, river bank & rare species of birds and trees. Basically people from Bhil tribes reside in this area. This tour gives us an insight of the traditional and cultural diversity among people of same tribe. In this tour our starting and destination points both are temples of Lord Shiva. But the difference is in their believes and traditions. They both are managed by the people Bhil tribes but have different rituals and prospects.

The tour itineraries are as follows:
  • • Our guide will pick you from hotel/residence as per your suitable time in the morning & take you to the famous trekking point.
  • • We will start the trekking by passing thorough few tribal villages like Kundal, Shankar Kheda, Dodawali, Basar and finally to our end destination.
  • • In this route we can find shrines of their tribal gods. We may also find “AYURVEDIK” plants & rare bird species.
  • • We will also visit a few tribal localites in their mud house and witness the life of hill area people. These villages are located in lap of the hill. A large population of these villages consists of farmers, fishers, hunters and labours and during our journey we can see them carrying out their routine.
  • • In afternoon we reach at Dodawali Bhil village where we reach in tribal house & see the routine life off villagers; how they perform their day to day and necessary tasks without any electricity like preparing food, tea, etc.
  • • After 30 Minutes we shall proceed towards our route through the field area where we can see the farmers farming in this area. We will take some time to watch & learn to farm in few minutes.
  • • Then, we will pass through Basar tribal village and then to our end destination i.e. Keleshwarji Shiva Temple. This will conclude our end of the Ubeshwar - Keleshwar Trekking. Now the only thing remains is to go back at hotel/residence, take rest and get ready for the next adventure.

Cooking Demonstration with Local Family

One of the great experience in Rajasthan cooking lesson where guest can get chance to meet local family and they can learn how to make local Cuisine and they can also try to make some delicious food as Rajasthan is very famous for his food, spices and curry.

Horse Riding in Udaipur

Horse riding in Udaipur is also a unique experience where we provide horse riding to the guest for half day and we provide horse riding at country side where guest can see the local life of village people and they can feel that they are close to the nature.

Holi Celebration

Holi is called the festival of colors. Celebrate the spring festival of Holi with a local family in Udaipur on a private 4-hour tour. Your group of up to 5 people is received into the historical home of a honorable family to enjoy the festival of colors.

Vintage Car Ride

We do provide vintage car rides for guest in city for 01 hour and also providing airport transfers.

Jal Sanjhi

Jal Sanjhi, the art of painting on water, is kept alive by just one family in Udaipur, Rajasthan. With a canvas of water rather than paper or cloth, they’ve been practicing the art of Jal Sanjhi for generations. Every painting depicts only one subject: the Hindu god, Krishna.